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Everything There is to Know about FIFA Mobile Market


The market is the fastest way to obtain a player, however, it may not be the cheapest. FIFA Mobile users who don't want to wait until they get a desired player from card packs can check out if the player is listed on the market. If they are willing to spend the price, they will quickly add a new player to their team and collection. 
Accessing the market is very easy. There's an option that takes players straight to the FIFA Mobile marketplace. There are some search fields that can be used to quickly find a player. A player's card listed on the market will display a couple of things. Player's name, picture and rating can be seen on the card. The start price is the opening amount of the bid. Current bid displays the last offer that was placed on that player. Buy now price allows users to obtain the card on the spot. This last option is usually pretty expensive. Before using it players should check the remaining time on a listed item. If the auction is set to end pretty quickly players can wait until the last moment to bid and to get the item cheaper by FIFA Mobile Coins than buy now price. 
The thing about FIFA Mobile market is that it doesn't work like a traditional auction house. Most games of any kind that have this functionality only provide a way for players to exchange items between themselves for in game currency which could be get via auction house or FIFA Mobile Comfort Trade in this game. The auction house normally takes a cut from the paid amount. FIFA Mobile market has a characteristic intended to regulate prices and to provide a balanced experience for any player. In this particular case, the market acts more like an intermediary and not like a medium to sell items. This mechanic has drawn some attention from players that wish to sell and buy without the game's interference. Some updates were made to improve the FIFA Mobile market. 

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