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  • Game(Full Name): FUT 20
  • Genres: Sports game
  • Company:
  • Release Date: 2019
  • FUT 20 Introduction

    FUT 20 is a football simulation video game. It is the 27th product of the series.
    FUT 20 coins, the in-game currency, is useful for expanding team and building strength. If you’re too impatient to build a strong team from nothing, you can also buy FUT 20 account with a large amount of coins, or get them via player auction. You can also buy specific FUT 20 player.
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FIFA 20, EA Sports' soccer game, changed its scoring system to give the player greater control during the match. The measure pleased the more experienced players but brought doubts to the novices,...

One of the great values to keep in mind, especially for offensive players or those who occupy positions of attack, is that of the ability to hit with both legs. We have known great players...

As everywhere and in every video game, there will always be people who are dissatisfied, but when disagreements are supported by good arguments, this is where EA should listen to those who keep...

Myths in FUT exist and, although we cannot affirm that they are 100% true, we could say that when the river sounds, water carries. that the most expensive players, with averages above 90 are the...

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