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Guild Wars 2 Gem Store Items You Have to Have


A lot of pretty useful items are locked behind a paywall in GW2 as with many games of this nature. Sadly, these items are actually incredibly useful since you miss out on a lot if you don’t get one of these bad boys to be by your side. Sadly the paywall they are locked behind is actual money in the form of gems which is really annoying, but understandable I guess. Nevertheless Guild Wars 2 has these bad boys locked up and here are the ones you should consider spending money on in order to get the most out of GW 2. 

The Items
-Unbreakable Gathering Tools. These come in at a cost of 2400 Gems. What makes these important isn’t even that you will never need to purchase another gathering tool again (which results in gold savings), but rather that you never have to take the time to manage the ones you have.

-Bag Slot Expansion, Bank Tab Expansion, Storage Expander. These come at a cost of 800 Gems per upgrade. The first two here are monumental, because they allow you to store a significant amount of extra items. If you’re running things like dungeons and Fractals, the items you have rack up quickly.

-Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic. This is 800 Gems, and is an item that allows you to break down items into their base components.

How hard is to get these?

Hell… Some of those gem costs are a bit absurd and it’s no wonder they will lock up the best items behind gems in GW2. But you can easily mitigate this by getting cheap Guild Wars 2 gems online… Saves up time and gets you a bit closer to a better quality of life in Guild Wars 2. In addition, GW 2 gold always help you a lot during playing, and if you need, U7buy providing cheapest GW2 gold

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