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How to Play Madden NFL 18? Tricks and Techniques


Is football not your thing? Quiet, you are not the only one who has tried to see the Superbowl and has fallen asleep with the chatter of the beginning, is the usual. After all, it's something that you take away, that you already have enough to understand soccer and three or four other sports, but you're missing some afternoons of heart attack in the company of your friends. Warned you stay.
Mind you, you may be thinking that you have to start swallowing the entire NFL season, but the shots do not go around. The key to enjoying this sport, even if you do not understand anything, and having a great time kicking ovoids and making tackles is "Madden NFL 18". "How do you play that and why should I do it?" Now you'll see it.
Welcome to "Madden NFL 18"
You are tired of "FIFA", you may not know it yet, but you are, or at least you recognize that you could use an alternative for when you get tired of beating people in online mode or sharing a sofa (or that they stick to you, which could also be the case). Well, that alternative is "Madden NFL 18", and yes, even if you do not understand anything that happens on the screen, it will soon become one of your favorite pastimes.
Think that consoles are missing those endless breaks with referees stopping the game every second and third, it is a much more agile experience, and that give and take between attacking and defending is a festival of laughter both at the time of playing without knowing the rules like when you start to get the point of how everything works.
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