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Madden NFL 18 - Beginner's Guide to Madden Ultimate Team (Part 2)


• He has started to complete Kickoff solos and has many MUT 18 coins.
Opening packs is fun, but it's not the smartest way to spend your Madden 18 points or coins upgrade your computer. There are times during the week ideal for acquiring new players in the market. Pay attention to bundles emitting EA throughout the week. EA accustoms once a week to get a good bundle (usually the weekend). Check out the program on those packs / bundles since the cards in that program usually lower the price. Use the filters provided by the market to find the players of such a program easily.
This year, in Madden NFL 18, there is a new story mode called Longshot. Completing this game mode will reward you with two cards of "fictional" players protagonists of the story in addition to the legends Dan Marino and Chad Johnson.
One last tip about your letters. Discarding is the worst profitability of MUT. If you do not want to sell anything, save everything. EA throughout the year draws sets that alters the value of all cards and can be used when that time comes. And not only that. This year there is a new feature called Team Tokens. Tokens are used to upgrade certain NFL stars, and sets require low-middle cards.
Remember that this year will have a MUT player level called MUT Level. This level increases simply by playing and reaching a certain level will cause unlock new content and new rewards. You should not worry about this as you will get to the desired level naturally while you continue to play.
I know that everything in this entry about Solos Challenge, prices and sets can seem overwhelming. But once you have the first few hours of experience in this game mode, you will become familiar with ease. If you are new, have fun playing and slowly improving both your team and your level as a player.
Thank you for reading this guide and welcome to the Madden Ultimate Team 18 season.

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