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Madden NFL 18 Franchise Mode Guide


We come to the final part of this guide. We hope that it has been to your liking and, above all, that you have helped them to improve their techniques and style of play to the fullest.
Let's talk about the Franchise mode
Since this is the end and you have all your equipment ready, we have decided to give you some useful tips to help you in the Madden 18 Franchise mode, since it is a very extensive way and there is enough to understand, especially if it is the first time you enter that game mode.
Simulate the game to understand some key points
If you want to omit a game, you can simulate it and you will get a random result. To do this simply select the option 'advanced week' in the main tab in Franchise mode.
Although the simulation of games completely randomize the result, obviously doing this you will have a better chance of beating the teams with a higher rating than yours, and consequently, you will have a greater chance of losing to those who have a better list.
It is good to remember and always keep in mind that the franchise mode can be played alone or online with friends. Reason why you do not necessarily have to be online to have access to all the benefits offered by the mode.
Improve the team
If you need to improve your team, you can choose the option 'improve team' to see the free agents currently available, or similarly, you can go to the 'mall' to see the list of each team and try to exchange a player.
Exchange players
If you have a player on your team who is not doing a good job, you can always offer them for an exchange by placing them in the trading block. To do this, just go to 'my team', select a player and choose 'add to commercial block', use cheap Madden 18 coins to get the players you need in transfer market.
These were the best strategies to build the best possible team in the Madden NFL 18 franchise mode. Now everything depends on you. Give your best in the field!

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