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Madden NFL E3 Coverage


You will agree with us that the Electronic Arts conference was somewhat soporific, more so with regards to Nintendo, as we could not shake this opening of E3 2018 by the titanic third party, a company with great resources that foresees a deployment in the unprecedented market for the hybrid console, and that promised there would be more games for the Nintendo Switch if FIFA 18 sold well, which it did. 
And well, for the moment we have FIFA 19, and things like Unravel 2, which would marry perfectly (and their creators would like), stay out of Nintendo. Not even other EA sports franchises, at least for the time being, seem to have an opportunity in Nintendo's.
Not a smart decision 
As an example of EA sports games desired by the Nintendo Switch players, we have the Madden series, which this year will not be represented on this platform either. The reason for this is provided by Ben Haumiller, producer of Madden 19:
"Ben Haumiller: We are always thinking of all platforms. It is really a decision about what is best for Madden and for us as EA, and where we are going. Never rule out that your game does not reach the players. You want me to reach everyone. We would never rule it out. It's just that we do not currently have plans [to take it to Nintendo Switch]. "
And you will ask yourself "what did I just read?", or what the real reason is? The reason, according to Haumiller, is simply that they are not developing it for Nintendo Switch, because it seems that it is not the best decision, or they have no reason not to do it. The fact is that the console is still selling as donuts, and some third party seems to continue without having resources to allocate to a separate version for Nintendo Switch. The question is that we are not talking about a small indie studio that does not have the resources to face another version, but a multinational of the most powerful in the world.

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