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NBA Live Mobile Tips


Auto play. NBA Live Mobile has a feature that allows the game's AI to take over the team so players don't need to guide their squad. There's little reason not to take advantage of this feature. It can be used in Season mode and most of the matches will be successfully completed. 
Get used to game controls. Auto play has a high win rate but not 100%. In certain situations, players have more chances of winning the match than auto play but only if they're familiar with game controls. It's a good idea to practice both offense and defense moves. 
Don't ignore defense. Offense moves are pretty easy to perform. Mastering them won't take too much time. For some reason, players tend to ignore defense and that's not a good plan in the long run. Learning how to defend and how to perform tricky defensive moves will get players further away in multiplayer matches. 
Complete achievements. Coins and packs are earned for completed achievements. New players should take a look at the general achievements as they're pretty easy to complete. There are season achievements that are not very challenging as well. Players should keep in mind to disable auto play and take over the team for season achievements. 
Don't sell players just yet. This tip is for new users that are still building their teams. It's a good idea to keep players in the beginning until you figure out how to put them to good use. There are lots of ways to use a player including completing sets.
Browse the auction house. Even if you're not selling checking the auction house as often as possible can turn into a profitable activity. Maybe you'll find a good deal on a quality player. And its good for you to get NBA Live Mobile Coins in future.   
Join an active league. NBA Live Mobile social interaction is rewarded with coins. While being part of a league, players get league points and rewards when they win a match. Players also get a nice bonus when someone from their league acquires premium currency. Besides that, you could buy NBA Live Mobile Coins cheap online too. 

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