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Join Pokémon GO Get Halloween Rewards

time 10/25/2016

The most interesting holiday Halloween is coming soon. As the most popular mobile game Pokémon GO will start a Halloween Event for players which start from, 26th October to 1st November. Welcome all players join this event and get the Halloween rewards Niantic prepared for you. So what rewards will players get? Here you go:

Spooky Pokémons
The first reward players could get in the Pokémon GO Halloween Event is Spooky Pokémons. We could not find and get Spooky Pokémons usually, but during the Halloween event, there are many more Pokémons of Spooky show around, which make it easier for players to get the Pokémon you want, like Gengar, Gastly, Haunter, Drowzee and Zubat. If you don’t have time to do it yourself, you could buy Pokémon GO Pokémon service from u7buy.com which we will login your account and catch Pokémon for you.Join Pokémon GO Halloween Event and take your chance to get the Pokémon you want now! Wish you good luck.

Double Candy
Besides catching Pokémons, players are in favor of getting candies in game. So Niantic added double candy reward for Pokémon GO players. As long as you join this Halloween Event and catch Pokémons, the candies you get will be doubled. It is same to the candies when you transfer Pokémons and the Buddy Pokemons. In one word, all candies you get during the event will be doubled!

There is one more way to get candies: hatching Pokémon Egg. About the details of hatching eggs you could read article Changes of Pokémon GO 1.13.3 & 0.43.3 Version in which the hatching eggs was updated. Of course if you don’t have time to get candies in game, u7buy offer Pokémon GO Power Leveling service which including Candy Farming service with cheap price.

Well, these are rewards you will get during Pokémon GO Halloween Event, which starts from 26th October, 2016 and last seven days. Let’s join Pokémon GO and get Halloween Rewards together.

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account