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Some Interesting Stats for STO

time 10/28/2016

Star trek online is a great website that can offer ps4 and xbox one for all the players, actually speaking,the ps4 and xbox one are released for just one month, but there are some interesting stats.

So far, there are lots players to play star trek online, the Perfect World and Cryptic say that 1.1 million users have taken up the game on consoles. With 59% playing as Command officers, 22% play as Engineers and 19% as Science officers, 68% of players have joined Starfleet, with 20% opting to join the Klingon Empire and just 12% the Romulan Star Empire.

On PS4, the Negh’Var Heavy Battlecruiser is the Klingon starship of choice, while the Defiant-class tactical escort is the Starfleet ship of choice. Over on Xbox One, Klingons also prefer the Negh’Var, while Federation players use the Eclipse intel cruiser. In fact, there are 1,617 active fleets on console.

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