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The New Running Moves in Madden NFL 17 Explained

time 01/20/2017

Madden NFL 17 has a lot of special moves that you can use and some of them are pretty basic or carried over from NFL 16, NFL 15 etc. But today we are going to talk about the new running moves available to you in Madden NFL 17 so that you can use them better and in turn play the game a lot better. Besides, all nfl fans could buy Madden 17 Coins Xbox one from u7buy.com which is a professional trustworthy site. Cheap Madden 17 Points PS4- EU Version is available too. So let’s go down there and see the new running moves of NFL 17. 
The Moves
There are also modifiers for ball carriers which will have different effects upon the game:
Standard (No Modifiers) - What it sounds like, standard moves.
Speed (RT/R2) - Shorter and quicker moves, they don't move your ball carrier off their current path.
Precision (LT/L2) - Longer and more deliberate moves which can be used to successfully fake out a number of players.
Steerable (RT/R2 + LT/L2) - These moves allow you steer your special moves with the left stick. These moves influence defender pursuit angles. Only works with Truck, Spin, Juke, Back Juke.
Utility Moves
These moves consist of the 'other' moves which aren't steerable and give you the ability to do a few different items.
Ball Carrier Give-Up – LT+RT / L2+ R2 + Square/X
Celebration Run – LT+RT / L2+ R2 + A/X
QB Slide – Tap X/Square or LT+RT / L2+ R2 + Square/X
So these are the moves and how to use them. I don’t really know how often you will use these moves when you play Madden NFL 17 since I don’t use them that much, but we are different people in the end. So if you want to spice up your Madden NFL 17 gameplay just check out those moves up there whenever you need a refresher. 

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