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FF14 What to do in the End Game

time 01/29/2017

So you don’t know what to do in FF14 as you have reached the end game? Well this article will explain to you the short and quick parts of what you can do in the final stages of FF14. Now let us get ready and go down to find out what you can do in the final stages of FF14
Things to do
Decorate- As lame as this might seem to someone who has been playing FF14 for years now, decorating can be an excellent pass time for someone who has a lot of ingame cash. Creating beautiful things for your FF14 home is something you can do at any time you want.
Raid- You can repeat a lot of neat little instances in FF14 and you can use that to either increase your experience or just take bragging rights. Whilst this is not something everyone chooses to do and they would rather just play another game, if you have sunk so much time in FF14 you could at least give it a go around one last time. 
PvP- KILL ALL WHO STAND BEFORE YOU. I think that’s pretty much self-explanatory….. Players could buy FF14 Gil cheap from u7buy.com and use gil to make your character stronger. Or just buy FF14 Power Leveling service to get your player up to the desired level. Any way,just be a jerk and kill everyone in PvP. 
Don’t get me wrong, FF14 is an excellent game but when you look at the choices mentioned up top you see that FF14 has sort of started to run its course. But if you enjoy the afore mentioned activities you will sure have a lot of fun in the end game of FF14. 

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