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Albion Online Character System Explained

time 02/13/2017

Albion Online is an MMORPG with a different approach towards the character system. This sandbox game lives up to its motto “you are what you wear” by implementing a classless system. This means that there is no class selection to choose from when making a new character. A few cosmetic options allow players to customize their avatars but none of these choices actually matter in regards to how players will interact with the game world. Players are able to create unique builds and setups by making certain choices as they progress throughout the game. These choices are gear and destiny board. 

Gear refers to all wearable equipment such as armors and weapons. Albion Online gear is of huge importance because a character's abilities, skills or spells depend on equipped gear. Skills that are available at a certain moment can be seen on the action bar that is located on the top right part of the screen. Each ability is performed by simply pressing its associated key. It's important to note that a piece of equipment comes with its own abilities. This way players are able to experience various combat roles just by switching equipped gear. For example, swords unlock melee combat abilities while staves allow spell casting and bows give players abilities that do ranged damage. Albion Online may not have the traditional MMORPG class system but players will notice that they are able to develop characters with familiar MMORPG roles such as tanks or damage dealers. This is once again related to gear. For example, players that wish to tank should look for items that have taunting abilities and protective skills such as damage mitigation. This flexible system allows versatile play style but a character's proficiency depends on its destiny board. 

Albion Online destiny board is basically a talent tree. It's divided into three main branches: combat, gathering and crafting. Albion Online is a sandbox game which means that most of the gear comes from crafting. Materials needed for crafting are obtained with gathering. The three main nodes divide into a multitude of branches and sub-branches that allow players to specialize in a certain combat role or profession. 

Players will choose combat talents according to what role they wish to fulfill, crafting talents that allow them to create the gear needed for the desired role and gathering talents that specialize in acquiring the necessary materials for gear crafting. Destiny board talents are unlocked with fate. This resource is the equivalent of XP and it's obtained when completing game content. So what do you think of Albion Online? If you are interested in this game, remember visit u7buy.com to buy Albion Online Gold when this game released. Cheap Albion Online Power Leveling service will be online in the same time!  

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