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Will FUT 18 Meet Our Expectations?

time 07/30/2017

Thanks for joining us again!
In the last occasion, we talked about the possibility of EA fulfilling its promises and offer us a game superior to FUT 17. On this occasion, we will talk about the possibility of this event. Let's start!
If anything we have learned well is that the presales are an issue that is ruining the world of video games. Let's recap, Watchdogs was a game that promised us incredible things. Amazing graphics, unique gameplay and endless fun are the main promises of this awaited Ubisoft game; so much so that the pre-sale of this game swept the stores, as these ran out of stock to satisfy all the gamers who wanted this game. However, when Watchdogs went on sale, it was a big disappointment. Ubisoft did not deliver.
This has also happened recently. Mass Effect Andromeda is the perfect example of this. Bioware delivered something totally different from what was promised; and let's not forget EA and its version of FUT 13 for Wii U.
We mention this so that you are attentive. We know you love FUT games (that's why you're reading this), however, you should expect to know the final outcome of the game before proceeding to pre-make the game. It is only a precautionary measure!
The GamesCon is about to take place, which means that we will get tons of information about FUT 18. Maybe that's when we see the complete game in action. That is, we will see if FUT 18 is worth it or we have to wait a couple of months to acquire it. Recall that developers can create patches to modify or correct problems found in their creations.
Do not worry, U7Buy will be at the GamesCon to bring you the best information on FUT 18, FUT 18 Coins and game cards, so, after reading the information we have for you, you can make a good decision.

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