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BnS - Guidelines for the New Crafting System

time 09/06/2017

The crafting feature in BnS is getting a major revamp. The update goes live on September 13. This is also the day when the new class, the Gunslinger, is added to the game. Developers considered that the current crafting system is unnecessarily complicated and it's time for an update. At a first look, the decision looks pretty radical as some the crafting features are being removed from the game. To be more precise, not all of the crafting guilds made the cut. BnS players can rest assured as there will be some form of compensation for those who invested a lot of resources into the old crafting system. 
Eight crafting and gathering guilds are being removed. Players will no longer be able to join the Merry Potters, the Trapper's Alliance, the Fish Network, the Tree Fellers, the Stonecutters, the Prospector's Union, the Green Thumbs, and the Herbside Service. The two crafting items, quartz and spring water, are not needed anymore. In fact, the whole gathering process is updated. Players will notice that the new crafting UI allows them to get crafting materials without having to rely on the old gathering guilds for this. A lot of the necessary materials are now obtained from activities associated with battlegrounds, raids, and dungeons. Players will find what they need for crafting in material chests too. All obsolete materials can be exchanged with the antiques feature. The old crafting related achievements are updated to reflect the change. 
The preparation for the update starts on September 9 when players won't be able to issue any more crafting and gathering requests. After patch day on September 13, players will have three available task slots for each guild. Crafting guilds level cap is boosted to five. A quality of life update gives players the chance to craft more items at the same time. Players are also able to craft more items. For example, cooks will make food that gives XP buffs and HP recovery. Global cooldown reset charms, HP consumables, and brilliant keys are some of the new items that can be crafted.  
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