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NBA 2K18 – Pro-Am and General Updates

time 11/14/2017

NBA 2K18 received a long list of improvements and changes Almost all game modes were updated. The Neighborhood provides a smoother experience. MyTeam has better class balance. Players will no longer have troubles with contracts in MyGM and MyLeague modes. The gameplay was also revised so users will notice a difference on the court. Pro-Am is one of the modes that received updates. Several modifications that will make the Walk-On/Team better are implemented. The issue that prevented the right coins sum from being shown after finishing matches in this mode, was resolved. Players will now see how much they've earned and what is the total balance. Teams that achieve elite status are allowed to equip other jerseys. Players that are disqualified from the game because of too many fouls, now have the chance to watch the rest of the game as spectators. Also, users that have been fouled out will now be able to see the right stats when the match is over. Another issue regarding stats on the 2K card was solved. Users would sometimes encounter various issues if they changed the language for the commentary to Spanish. This was fixed.
The following are general issues. From now on, when players are featured in action photos they will appear with their new outfits. Custom made shoes have been enhanced to higher resolution. Uniforms from Los Angeles Clippers, San Antonio Spurs, Orlando Magic, and 2007 – 2008 New Orleans Hornets are now more authentic. Xbox One players will be happy to know that the Game DVR is now properly working. Another good news for Microsoft consoles users is that NBA 2K18 can be played at 60 frames per second at 4K resolution on Xbox One X at launch. The Nintendo Switch version was also improved. The audio pops issue was fixed. A visual issue that didn't correctly displayed armpit hair is now fixed. Players that will achieve new tiers in Play Now Online will now be rewarded with the correct trophy. 
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