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NBA Live Mobile – Get These Packs Before They Disappear

time 11/26/2017

The Welcome and the Daily Chance packs are free packs. The Welcome Pack contains two player items that are at least bronze and silver quality. This pack can be claimed only one time. The Daily Chance pack has one silver NBA player. 
Starter packs such as Beginner and NBA Live are available. The Beginner pack costs 3,500 Rep and 3,500 coins. Rep is a new Season 2 feature. It is a type of currency obtained when playing in head to head and league modes. When opening a Beginner pack, players will receive one silver or better player card along with two other player cards that have at least bronze quality. The NBA Live starter pack costs real life currency. Players will see the price in their country's currency. This type of pack has 200 NBA cash, one golden coach, and three Pro Packs. Players can also acquire Pro Packs separately. A pack costs 7,500 NBA Live Mobile coins and 150 NBA cash and contains three players: one is bronze, one is silver, and one is gold. 
The Crossroads category has four types of packs that are available for a limited duration of time. The Crossroads pack costs 300 NBA cash and has one silver or better player, two gold or better, and four Crossroads tokens. Players also have the chance of getting a Crossroads player card from this pack. The same pack can also be bought with Rep. Players who decide to spend Rep will need 30,000 for one pack. The Crossroads Bundle that costs 5,000 NBA cash has 17 Crossroads packs. The Karl Anthony Towns pack is an exclusive offer that costs 75,000 Reputation and 750 NBA cash. This pack contains the 80 OVR card version of this NBA player. Those who are looking for player cards with specific play styles should check the Play Styles section. There are five types of packs that correspond to the five types of coaches introduced in Season 2. A Play Style pack costs 300 NBA cash and 30,000 coins.  

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