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Runescape 3 - Have You Maxed Out Divination Yet?

time 01/12/2018

Divination is one of the premium Runescape 3 skills. It's a skill that combines gathering with crafting. Players that pursue divination learn how to collect a type of resource that is called divine energy. There are different kinds of divine energy that serve as a crafting material for various items. Players get access to more types of divine energy as they level up the divination skill. There are three main categories of items that can be created with divination. 
Players use divination to create items that spawn divine locations. These locations are used by other skills to gather resources. For example, the box trap is a hunter skill item that gives players with the hunter skill various hunter materials. These locations can also be used by other players, not just by those who created them. Signs are another category of items that are created with divination. These are items that are automatically consumed when a certain situation occurs. Players receive a positive effect when a sign is consumed. Here are a few examples. Signs of respite prolong the gravestone timer. Porter signs automatically transport acquired items to players' banks. Protection signs allow players to save one more item in case of death. The third category of items that can be crafted by players with divination is the portents category. These items are similar to signs as they are also used automatically. Portents restore life, damage enemies, protect items, resurrect players, and get players through dungeoneering skill doors. Players with divination will also learn how to transmute items into better ones. 
The NPC that introduces players to divination is called Orla Fairweather. Players need to travel south of the Draynor jail where they will find her in the Divination Camp. Divination is mainly trained by using energy rifts that convert gathered items into XP and Runescape 3 Gold. Lots of rifts are scattered throughout the world. The first divination skill cap is at level 99 and the second one at level 120. Currently, there are around 2,300 players that have obtained the second cap.  

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