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Curiosities About Madden NFL 1988-2017

time 01/21/2018

The famous videogame has become a very important article in the NFL world, in recent years it has generated a lot of expectation among fans, mainly to discover who will be the player who will be on the cover. How much do you know about Madden NFL? Here we present you 37 curious facts!
1. His name honors John Madden, NBC Sports commentator and Super Bowl XI winner as head coach of the Oakland Raiders in 1977.
2. It was developed by Electronics Arts, launching its first version in 1988.
3. Its first versions were released to the market only for Apple II computers.
4. It was not the first Football simulator, but it was the first to try to create a more realistic and faithful game.
5. John Madden agreed to participate in the project by allowing his name to be used to title the video game on condition that the game was based on 11 players against 11, as in real life, since in the first instance EA's intentions were to create a game with fewer players in the field.
6. Initially the video game was called "John Madden Football". In 1994 it happened to be called "Madden NFL 94".
7. During his first versions, John Madden appeared in each one of the covers of the Madden NFL.
8. EA was faced with the serious problem of not getting the license to use the names of the NFL teams and players, having to adapt the game with names and imitations made by the developers of the game.
9. By not having the permissions to make use of the names of the real players, the names of the players still did not appear and were replaced by "player # 3".
10. In 1994, EA finally managed to get the license for the NFL game and made use of the names of the teams, players and the league logo on the cover.
11. After getting the license from the NFL, EA brought to market the version for videogame consoles: Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis.
12. Madden NFL 94 marked a before and after in the evolution of this video game, among so many improvements, in this version appeared for the first time the famous slogan of EA Sports, "It's in the game".
13. In 1997 the first version of the video game for 32-bit systems was presented, significantly improving the quality of the graphics.
14. Madden NFL 99 offered a fully 3D experience and gained ground among its competition.
15. With the arrival of consoles such as Playstation and Xbox, EA and Sega entered into a dispute over the future of the game. And  now Madden 18 coins trading become a normal thing for players.  Finally Sega chose a different path in which he did not achieve the desired success.

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