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FUT Mobile - What You Need to Know About the Market in Season 2

time 01/26/2018

Lots of changes came to FUT Mobile with Season 2. The game got a new UI, modes were revamped, and some systems were updated. The market (or auction house) is one of the few features that appear to have remained unchanged. When we say that we refer to the interface and its functions. How the market really works in FUT Mobile no one but the developers know. The market provides players with a way to trade items between them but in an indirect manner. It was revealed a while ago that there are some hidden market mechanisms that ensure a fair experience for everyone and regulate prices. 
In Season 2, players will notice that they must be at least level five to access the feature. The Market button on the left panel on the home screen has a lock on it if player's level is lower than five. Reaching the required level is easy. Playing campaigns matches and live events is the fastest way to level up. Players will get to level three or so just by completing the tutorials. The market is the feature that allows users to buy specific items and to turn their items into FUT Mobile coins. This is the currency used at the market. Players should also keep in mind that the market takes 10% of any transaction. They should consider this when deciding the price of an item. Some player item cards can be upgraded and trained Another thing that should be remembered at all times is that all upgrades are canceled when the player is listed on the market. Only the base version of the item can be sold. This means the card with the starting OVR without any skill boosts or other enhancements. This is important to remember as the item will be downgraded when listed. In most cases, players wouldn't even want to sell an item they've upgraded. Checking the market for bargains can be a profitable activity. This is players' chance to get some valuable items at a nice price. Most players will use search filters to narrow the results. The market is refreshed with new items on regular basis.  

Notice : Using illegal leveling and gold service might terminate the account