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EA Eliminates Cristiano Ronaldo From the FIFA 19 Website

time 10/08/2018

The reopening of the case for alleged violation of Cristiano Ronaldo is a fact that is having repercussions at levels that could not be predicted. Electronic Arts, after the iconic FIFA saga, has the player as the cover of FIFA 19, although with some recent statements claimed to be following the case closely given the possibility that it could go to majors. However, despite not having yet produced a legal determination, the company has taken action regarding the face of Cristiano Ronaldo in its flagship product.
EA is taking actions
As several Twitter users have found, EA has opted to eliminate Cristiano Ronaldo from his front runners. This, far from being a montage, can be verified firsthand by visiting the official website of Electronic Arts. As we can see, the mere accusation has been enough for the developer to have decided to separate, at least temporarily, the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo, involved in controversy to this day. This action, it should be noted, has been carried out without prior notice from the company.
If we take into account the aforementioned statements by EA regarding the case of the Portuguese player, now a member of the Juventus of Turin after his transfer this summer, it is not really a surprise to see that they have acted with such 'severity'. In the article below you can find the statement of the developer, although the clear idea about this that do not intend to tarnish the values that defend is the name that is the one that carries his sports representative.
We will see how the situation evolves, because today it seems quite clear that if the case were decided negatively for Cristiano Ronaldo little by little, EA would probably have no qualms about finalizing any previously signed agreement. For now FIFA 19 and fifa 19 coins has reaped great sales in its different platforms, especially in Spain, and the last thing that they should want in EA is to be splashed by a controversy totally alien to their actions as a company.

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