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FUT 19 – New Adidas Equipment Available in

time 12/10/2018

FUT 19 fans have more ways to customize their favorite football players. A new collaboration between the game and Adidas, the well-known apparel creator, is giving players four new designs. The designs are available for four teams. These teams are Juventus, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and FC Bayern. The new items are available for anyone who is playing FUT 19 on PC or on a current generation console. The only difference is that some players are able to enjoy them a bit earlier than others. The new items can be acquired starting with November 29 by those playing on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch players will have to wait two more weeks as these items become available for them on December 14th. 
Here is how you can get these new designs. There are several ways. If one of the four teams is selected as a favorite team then the players will automatically get that team's items. Players can select a team as a favorite by navigating to the customize menu and then selecting the profile option and the profile manager option. The item is automatically received if the team is selected as a favorite before November 28th. Players will get the items when they log in the mode. This way, they can easily get one of the four designs. The other three will have to be earned but it's not that hard so there's no reason to worry. All players have to do is to finish a weekly objective with each team. After they have completed an objective, the team's kit will be theirs. Starting December 14th, the new designs are also found in packs. If you don't get them by then, this is your chance to acquire them. It's also possible to get the kits from the transfer market. Players can also use the companion app to get the designs. Buy FUT 19 Coins now to get start and enjoy the brand new Adidas equipment.

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