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Kareem Hunt Is Eliminated From Madden 19

time 01/02/2019

The unfortunate attacks of Kareem Hunt towards a woman did not go unnoticed by EA Sports. The developer of the official NFL video game decided to completely eliminate Madden 19 from the Kansas City Chiefs.

Through social networks, various users and fans of the game published that Hunt no longer appears on the roster of the Chiefs, in addition to his letter in mode was replaced by a generic player with the same statistics.

The American media, TMZ Sports, made public a video in which it is appreciated how the running back pushes and kicks a young girl, which cost him the Kansas City franchise to cut him permanently, while the NFL has him in investigation, so he can´t play or train with any team.

According to a publication by TMZ Sports, the video game company told a representative that: "We are in the process of eliminating Kareem Hunt from the list of Madden NFL 19, Madden Overdrive and Madden ."

Kareem Hunt Pulled from 'Madden' 19 'Video Game https://t.co/3mRzCp7kPN

- TMZ (@TMZ) December 4, 2018

Runner Kareem Hunt was left out of the Kansas City Chiefs, of the NFL and now also of EA Sports video game, Madden 19, due to the violent incidents in which he has been involved.

Hunt is giving that talk after he began to circulate a video where he hits a woman in the hallway of a hotel, and after announcing that it is not the only violent act that has starred. The Chiefs decided to cut him from the team and no one else was interested in him, so EA Sports plans to do the same. So now if you want to play well, you need to buy Madden 19 coins safe to get other good players for your team. 

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