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NBA 2K19 – MyTeam Guide

time 02/28/2019

NBA 2K19 has many modes but MyTeam is one of the most popular. There are even dedicated tournaments such as MyTeam Unlimited that has a $250,000 prize pool. This mode allows players to create teams choosing any available basketball player. It doesn't matter if some are retired from the NBA. This mode allows all possible combinations. The trick is to find the right one. Players can test their teams in a variety of ways. There are single player activities and also multiplayer games. Each year the mode is getting more features and new ways to play it.

Players can start playing MyTeam by choosing the option from the main menu. It can also be accessed from the Neighborhood. There is a building called MyTeam. Players will need to acquire basketball players for their teams. These players are mostly found in card packs that are bought in exchange for coins or MyTeam points. There are lots of different packs and the cost varies. Each pack has a theme or belongs to a collection. The exact contents of a pack are not known but players will get a preview before buying so they know what to expect. A pack contains players and also items such as logos and uniforms. MyTeam points are earned within the mode but coins can be acquired from other game modes too. It's a good idea to follow NBA 2K19 on Twitter to see when new packs are available. Some are available during certain events or for a limited time. The auction house is the place where players buy and sell items. If you are looking for a certain player, this is the easiest way to get it, but keep in mind that it may cost you a nice amount of coins. Players can select 13 basketball players to put them in a lineup. Multiple lineups can be created and edited. There are two types of activities: single player and multiplayer. Single player modes include triple threat, domination, and challenges. Multiplayer modes include play with friends, head-to-head games, and all sorts of challenges. NBA 2K19 MT buying Coins, points, and cards are acquired as rewards.

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