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FUT 19 – Cristiano Ronaldo is no Longer on the Cover

time 03/08/2019

FUT 19 went through some recent changes. The game is always adapting to the reality of the football scene but this change has nothing to do with mechanics or rating updates. The game has a new cover image. As we all know, Cristiano Ronaldo was the footballer chosen to be on the cover of the game on release day. He was also featured in the game menus and loading screens. The official game website featured the famous footballer as well. He was closely associated with the game.

The announcement was made in a tweet. The new cover depicts a trio. Kevin De Bruyne is a Belgian player who is with the Manchester City club. He also plays for the national Belgian team. His position is midfielder. The second player on the cover is Neymar. He plays as a forward for Paris Saint-Germain and also for the national Brazilian team. The third player is Paulo Dybala. He is a forward for Juventus and he is part of the Argentinian national team as well. This is the trio that replaced Ronaldo. The presentation page for the game on the official FUT 19 website features these three players and others but Ronaldo is nowhere to be seen. He is also not featured in the game menus and loading screens anymore. The three players and female football player Alex Morgan are now featured in his stead. EA's decision to replace the famous football player is quite unusual. It's not unheard of to release new game editions featuring other cover athletes but to replace the initial one is pretty weird. EA's response does not really shed light on this matter. The official reply stated that they simply want to bring in more content and to celebrate more football players from all around the world. However, there are speculations about the real reason. Ronaldo is currently accused of rape and he is also under investigation for tax evasion. EA said that they are watching the developments and also expect cover stars to not be just talented football players but also to have moral principles. Could this be the reason behind the cover change? Share your opinion with us now and buy fut 19 players safe from u7buy for your team! 

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