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FUT 20 Objectives: 4 Categories Upgraded Frastically

time 10/18/2019

FUT first introduced objectives in FUT 18. It was then reinstated into FUT 19, however, during this period it didn't really change. There were 5 daily objectives that were often simple and basic and then the weekly objectives with much better rewards matched with harder challenges. As well as this, every event came with themed objectives; often to earn a player from that group of special cards, e.g - Team of the season. FUT 20 has followed suit once more, but they have upgraded it drastically.
The main change that can be noticed is the variety that has been added. There are now 4 categories: Seasons objectives, Season rewards, Milestones and Foundations. Each group offers sub categories, each offering individual rewards for different time frames. Here we will go into each one in more detail.

Seasons Objectives:
This is where you will find your daily and weekly challenges. The weekly objectives, so far, have been split into the tiers, bronze, silver and gold. These only offer XP. As well as these, you find the limited time ones which are set for specific theme/special card.

Seasons Rewards:
Possibly the biggest change is apparent in this menu. Throughout UT history, you have been able to purchase coin boosts and other advantages using your level and brown coins that pass over each year, for many people this meant that they could buy out the whole catalogue instantly. Despite the catalogue still being there, they have taken out the UT section. This is because the rewards are in the objectives. With most of the other objectives you complete, you will earn XP. This unlocks certain rewards at different points. The rewards can vary from coins to packs to loan players. The final reward is at level 30 and is set at 99,000 XP. For this you get an 85 rated player pick from 3 unique cards: Zaha, Tolisso and Vazquez, all 85 rated. You have up to 50 days to complete these and then they reset, presenting new rewards.

There are 3 categories for this one: Rivals, Champs and Squad battles. The title is quite self explanatory, but it means you get packs for reaching specific levels of progress based on how many games you have won. As it stands there is no expiry date for these and the final reward for each category is an ultimate pack. The ultimate reward, however, is one for the collectors, it's a GOAT club item which poses no immediate effect, but shows off your prowess in the game.

These represent the beginner objectives that have been in the game in the early days and basically help you to get started and help you learn the ropes. The prizes are quite minimal but have potential if you're lucky.
These new additions give everyone the opportunity to gain big packs over the whole year, proving that EA do look out for the players who don't buy FUT points.
If these objectives seem too long and difficult for you, you can just head over to U7BUY to pick up some coins to get the players taking out the factor of work for easy access to the top players.

(Contributed by Nathan Needham)

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