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FUT 20 - Career Mode Avatar Customization

time 11/06/2019

Career Mode is one of the FUT 20 features that got the most attention from the developers. Not counting Volta mode which made the debut this year, career mode got a major revamp. Manager customization is one of the features that received an overhaul. If you have been following FUT 20 news prior to the release day, you might have seen something about leaked beta images. Some of the beta testers made public pictures of their avatars made with the manager customization tool. There were managers with a rainbow beard wearing all sorts of crazy outfits. There even was one not wearing a shirt at all. That might have given you a good impression of what the customization tool can do. The developers put a lot of attention to this feature. It was about time because career mode customization options were modest at best. There weren't that many options so players couldn't create many unique avatars. Luckily, this was changed and the new customization tool reminds of RPGs that allow players to create countless one of a kind characters.

Players will start by selecting one of the already built manager avatars. Don't worry as you will soon discover how many customization options are available. There are nine pre-made avatars including male and female models of different ethnicity. Choose the one you like and proceed to the customization. You don't have to customize it but it would be a shame not to take advantage of this comprehensive tool. You can change several facial details such as mouth, eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, mustache, and hair. Each category has lots of options. A word of advice, time can really fly if you want to try them all. You can use the controller buttons to rotate left and right to see how the avatar looks from different angles. Once you are done customizing the look, you can choose the outfit. There are lots of head accessories such as hair bands, caps, hats, and so on. The outfit category is no less generous. If you are worried that you will go through the entire season wearing the same clothes, you will be glad to know that you can change outfits whenever you want.

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(Contributed By Reda)

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