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FUT 20 – What You Need to Know About the Passing Attribute

time 02/22/2020

Do you want to build FUT 20 Ultimate Team squads and get rewards? Then you need to understand the  six main attributes. Passing is one of them. As any football fan knows, passing is a basic movement. Players pass the ball to each other to get it closer to the enemy goal. It seems such a simple move but it's one of the most important ones. Good passes allow the team to remain in possession of the ball for longer thus improving the chances of scoring. In FUT 20, passing has several sub-attributes. 

The crossing is a passing sub-attribute that determines the accuracy of a cross move. This affects both running and free kick situations. Crossing also influences the ability of a player to send the ball in the box. Normally, you will want wingers that have high crossing. The curve sub-attribute is about the player's capability to curve the ball when they're passing and shooting.

Players that have a high curve are able to put significant curve on the ball. This is quite an important attribute that will help you score more goals. The free kick accuracy sub-attribute speaks for itself. It's the player's ability to take free kicks. Players that have high free kick accuracy are capable of putting more precision into direct free kicks on goal. Look for free kick players that have high curve and free kick accuracy. Long passing refers to the long pass in the air. It has nothing to do with the pass on the ground. This sub-attribute will measure that player's ability to send an aerial long pass. Long passing also influences the time for the ball to get to the receiver. Players with long passing send faster and more accurate passes in the air.

The short passing sub-attribute is somehow the opposite of long passing. This sub-attribute measures the performance of a short pass on the ground. The speed and accuracy of a pass over a short distance are determined by this attribute. The vision sub-attribute is all about awareness. Players with high vision are aware of where on the field their teammates and opponents are located. They are able to better assess others' location in regards to them.

The success of a long pass depends on this sub-attribute and not on the long passing attribute that we mentioned earlier. Vision widens a player's field of view. The footballer's view is more restricted than a viewer's perspective. This happens in FUT 20 and also in real football. Think about how different is when playing football than watching it on TV. Vision measures the player's ability to see where the others are around him.

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