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Wizard build for PVE in Tree of Savior

time 2016-07-22 14:00

In previous, i fell in love with tree of savior and i am interested in playing with Wizard. I try to find a build which is focus on PVE completely. I don't mind being weak at early levels if it means I have stronger end game. And i tried my self to find the best guide which is suitable for parties and solo leveling. I will share now. 

First, I recommend wiz3> ele3> Warlock! This version has a low cc, but I think later in the game most AOE damage. But you will be in the early stages of the game is really weak. If you like to build a support, it would be absolutely the wrong choice. Go Elementalist reason is to round 3, you get (Cream Cloud) the most effective move AOE's in the game. Wizards 3 is not an element to make "necessary", but it makes life better 100 times, due to the fast cast, of which 50% damage and an enlarged cut half.Just Elementalist long shot to make the time and level of your Fire it is an alchemist alternative. You can go Wiz1 Pyro 2 connector 2 ALC 2, or wiz1 pyro3 link 1 ALC2. Alchemist is very convenient for your account, it will not be a total loss. Some people like SORC 1 to replace their top five, but it depends on how much you patience and derpy pet AI. You are free to the statistics a bit, as long as you get close to at least 500 INT. But TBH I can even imagine that the work to build a high CON, but it would be a little difficult with its upgrade. 

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