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Lovely! CR7 Donated for Cancer Children

time 2016-07-22 17:52

In the 2016 Euros, Portugal beats Franch 1:0 to get the Euros Trophy. After the match, the Real Marid star CR7 is on holiday with his family, but he recently done a heartwarning thing, he donated his all rewards in the Euros got  to the Charity and to save the cancer children.

After beating Franch to win the champions, Besides the trophy the players can get, the rewards are also the players can get. Each players can get € 275,000 as the rewards, while CR7 donated all these rewards to a charity to save the cancer children. And this is not the first time for CR7 to donate, he had been donated € 600000 after he won the Champions League with Real Marid, it has proved that Ronaldo is really a loverly football star.

After this donating, the mother of CR7 post a twitter and said”maybe I do not talk about this thing, but I really proud of his love”

As a superstar of Real Marid and Portugal, he is so warm for others. We should be proud of him.

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