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World of Warcraft Legion Gearing Guide

time 2016-12-15 12:01

The most common issue when players hit the max level is not having enough gear to start doing the end game content. This can be frustrating on one hand, but really fun on the other if handled properly. World of Warcraft Legion made it easier to farm up gear before going in the end game content – there are now plenty of ways you can acquire gear.

Early Gear Grind
So, you’ve just hit level 110 and your gear is no better than quest greens – great, this guide will help you out starting an early grind. At the very start, the best way you can acquire some gear is doing the world quests. Every zone in the Broken Isles has world quests from different emissaries. Now, certain world quests give items as reward, which can be great source of gear. They can be upgraded to raid quality gear even, so starting off with them and emissaries chests is a perfect way to grind gear in World of Warcraft legion. You also have good chances of acquiring a legendary item through emissaries chests.

What’s Next?
In this guide section we’ll go through the gearing process after initial gearing. So, you’ve gone through world quests and got yourself enough gear to start heroic dungeons, awesome, hit them as soon as you can. After getting some gear in heroic dungeons you can advance to Mythic dungeon level. Mythic dungeons drop great gear, and there are plenty of guides out there on how to defeat then. Great thing about mythic dungeons is that they drop a mythic plus keystone. Mythic plus dungeons are the best source of gear – you can grind them for as long as you want, and they drop raid or sometimes even above raid quality gear! 

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