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CS: GO - Will You Use the Negev After the Update?

time 2018-04-02 10:10

The Negev is a CS: GO weapon that can be used by both teams. It's a machine gun. The weapon went through some changes. Recently, the CS: GO team dedicated an entire blog post to the weapon. Players have the chance to find out what made the developers implement the changes. The Negev was also modified about a year ago. This was done to make the weapon more suited for a support role. The weapon has a high rate of fire. The first shots weren't too effective, in fact, the weapon was pretty inaccurate. All that changed after the first 15 or so shots when players were capable to take advantage not only of its accuracy but also of its high damage. Developers felt that the advantages and disadvantages of the weapon weren't in balance so they decided it to change it. 
Players will be happy to know that the Negev is cheaper to obtain. It used to cost $2000 and now it's $1,700. Another happy surprise comes when players fire the weapon in bursts. They will notice that the accuracy is much better than before. This makes the weapon a good candidate for situations when players have to fight in short and medium range. The weapon gains accuracy faster than before. But the weapon also received some nerfs. Disadvantages are necessary to maintain a balanced gameplay. After the update, players will notice that the armor penetration is not the same as it was before. Lethal damage to a helmet can no longer be dealt. When the weapon is fired, players suffer a movement penalty. Their movement speed will be reduced by 50% from now on. The changes are first implemented in the beta version and are available for testing before they go live. 
As usual, players are encouraged to give them a go on the test game version that is known as the Beta depot. Users' feedback is very important for the developers as it's one of the ways of knowing if the players are happy with the game or not. For more video game information and and get fut 18 players tips please visit u7buy

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