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How Mounts Work in GW2

time 2018-12-31 11:07

Mounts were introduced in GW2 with the Path of Fire expansion. There were five mounts available on release with a sixth added later. Mounts in GW2 are a bit more complex than in other MMORPGs. Each mount has a mastery system and mastery tracks. A mount is a unique item with abilities and skills. Mounts are also capable of offensive skills. After players unlock the mounts they are able to use it on any character that is bound to that account. Here are the available in game mounts together with their abilities. Mounts are available to players that don't have the expansion for a limited period of time during seasonal events. 

The Raptor mount is unlocked after players complete the first story chapter from Path of Fire expansion. This mount can do a tail spin that does AOE damage. It can also jump across large distances. This mount's action is forward leap. The Springer mount is unlocked after players complete Help out around Highjump Ranch objective. The mount costs 50 trade contracts and one gold. It possesses the cannonball attack move and the high jump as an action. This mount can resist falling damage if players choose a certain mastery trait. The Skimmer mount is obtained after finishing the Use a skimmer to help with training around the ranch objective. It costs 50 trade contracts and four gold. This mount can do a barrel roll and levitate. The Jackal is acquired after players have finished the Help Drojkor, Spirit Squall, control jackals mission. The cost of the mount is 200 trade contracts and 20 gold. The mount can pounce as an offensive move and can teleport. Players get the Griffon mount when they finish the Open Skies collection. This mount will swoop and can also dive if airborne. The last added mount is the Roller Beetle. It's obtained after players complete Beetle Juice, Beetle Saddle, and Beetle Feed collections. Its offensive move is roll out. The mount can jump and its mount action is turbo boost GW2. Mounts can be personalized with skins that are bought from the gem store. 

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