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FUT 20 Records for Nintendo Switch

time 2019-05-27 03:57

The acclaimed FUT sports series generates significant revenue with each new edition. The renovation model is profitable for Electronic Arts, so each year a new delivery arrives on the market. Although much of the revenue comes from other consoles, EA Sports decided to bring the series back to Nintendo systems with FUT 18 and continued support with FUT 19. Apparently, the developer has plans to do the same with the next delivery, FUT 20.

According to a record of the Amazon online store, a product appears under the name of FUT 20 for Nintendo Switch, which takes some by surprise, since Electronic Arts has not mentioned anything regarding the new delivery of the franchise soccer. But that's not all, as the entry reveals that FUT 20 would arrive, at least to Nintendo Switch, on September 28, a date consistent with previous releases.
The publication does not offer more details, but it is enough to make the fans think about the arrival of the new game on the Nintendo platform.
It is important to say that there is no official announcement from Electronic Arts, so this information should be taken as a possibility. However, it is very likely that the developer has the desire to bring the new iteration to the hybrid console; After all, they already have experience with Nintendo Switch thanks to FUT 18 and FUT 19.
If you're excited about this, you may not have to wait so long to clear up doubts, as Electronic Arts usually reveals more details about FUT's new deliveries in its E3 presentation, and in this year's edition it may share more information in EA Play We will keep you updated.
Although the FUT games released on Nintendo Switch do not use the Frostbite engine, a modified version makes it possible to adapt the experience to the hybrid console and even in FUT 19 they added visual improvements. And it’s hard to get or purchase coins in game, but u7buy had solved the problem and offer same service for fut 19 coins buying.  The last iteration of the franchise also added the possibility of playing online with friends, something that did not include FUT 2018.
FUT 20 is expected to debut this year, if we take into account the previous editions. 
Are you excited with the Nintendo Switch version of the next FUT? Do you prefer the editions for Nintendo Switch before those of other platforms? Tell us in the comments.

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