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FUT 20 Controller Settings - Lob Pass Assistance, Shot Assistance, and Through Ball Assistance

time 2019-11-25 00:00

FUT 20 gameplay improvements include some controller settings additions and adjustments. You might have noticed some options that weren't there before. There are also changes to existing settings. Here is what you need to know about lob pass assistance, through ball assistance, and shot assistance.

The lob pass assistance has two options: assisted and manual.

Assisted is the default option. This means that the game AI will determine who is the best contender to receive the pass. This system takes into account the way you play and makes a prediction based on that. The range of the pass is increased as you hold the passing button. So the longer you hold the button before making the pass, the farther the player that receives it will be. Whether the pass succeeds or not depends on the player's attributes, the speed of the ball, and the opponent’s behavior.

With assisted passing, you have fewer chances of being blocked by the opponent defenders. The manual option gives you control over the pass. You decide who the pass receiver will be. The advantage is that you can make strategic passes and send the ball in some places where assisted cannot reach. The disadvantage is that you have more chances of being blocked. The second option is more challenging and adds more depth to your gameplay.

Through ball assistance has the same options: assisted and manual. It works similar to the above setting. With assisted, you have more chances of doing a successful pass but with manual you have more control. Shot assistance is another controller setting. It has three options: assisted, semi, and manual. If the assisted option is on, the footballers will try to shoot towards the opponent’s goal. This option will make it easier for you to score goals.

The players will aim towards areas of the goal that can be hard to reach. Whether you score or not is determined by the player's attributes and other factors such as the opponent’s position. If this option is set to manual, the game will not help you make the shots. You decide and control where the players aim. This option allows you to do some really tricky shots and to score goals in difficult situations. It requires a high level of mastery so it's not for new players but it's definitely worth practicing it. The semi option gives you some help but it doesn't aim for you. You decide the direction and the game makes a slight adjustment.

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(Contributed by Reda)

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