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FUT 22 – Superheroes on the Loose! (Part 3)

time 2021-09-22 00:00

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Following on previous entries of this mini-series, Part 3 will be focusing on a number of past legends who had made their marks throughout history too!

FUT’s expansive database of phenomenal iconic footballers has been celebrated by all the game’s fans even today.

With FUT 22’s release just around the corner, Part 3 of this FUT Heroes continuation will see some familiar faces cropping up as player cards in the new game.

Let’s get started!

(ST) Ole Gunnar Solksjaer ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 86

Dubbed ‘The Baby-Faced Assassin’, the Manchester United manager is now donning his club’s famous red jersey once again.

Known for his predatory skills in front of goal, his latest player card boasts overall stats like these:

· Shooting: 88

· Pace: 85

· Dribbling: 84

· Passing: 75

· Physicality: 66

· Defence: 45

(ST) Antonio De Natale ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 88

The former Italian striker was once a feared player in the Italian Serie A, sharing the frontlines of his country’s squad with another legend in Alessandro Del Piero.

His in-game stats are extremely high, like:

· Shooting: 91

· Pace: 90

· Dribbling: 90

· Passing: 85

· Physicality: 70

· Defending: 46

(CB) Ivan Cordoba ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 87

One of Inter Milan’s long-serving players, Cordoba is a famous Italian defender who also helped both club and country achieve numerous feats throughout his playing career.

Cordoba’s defensive attributes are ranked highly here:

· Defending: 90

· Physicality: 87

· Pace: 86

· Dribbling: 68

· Passing: 65

· Shooting: 63

(LM) Freddie Ljungberg ‘FUT Heroe’ Player Card: OVR 86

A former Arsenal great, Freddie Ljungberg was amongst ‘The Invincibles’ team which won the English Premier League without a single loss in 2004.

He is now back at his best in FUT 22:

· Pace: 87

· Dribbling: 86

· Passing: 82

· Shooting: 81

· Physicality: 77

· Defending: 45

(CB) Jurgen Kohler ‘FUT Heroes’ Player Card: OVR 89

Jurgen Kohler is a tremendously respected individual in Germany, as he helped the country win the World Cup in 1990, and UEFA Euro in 1996.

Also managing feats with Borussia Dortmund, his defensive capabilities are seen here:

· Defending: 91

· Physicality: 90

· Pace: 71

· Passing: 63

· Dribbling: 62

· Shooting: 51

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