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FUT 22 – Top Goalkeepers of the New Season!

time 2021-09-24 00:00

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In FUT 22, a list of the best goalkeepers in the game has just been revealed, prompting both enthusiasm and heated debate amongst the most hardcore of fan bases!

Amazing goalkeepers are extremely important for any team in FUT games, especially in the upcoming FUT 22.


With new player ratings being revealed as we get closer to the game’s anticipated launch, here’s a look at five (5) of the top goalkeepers that will be defending the goalposts in the new game.


Let’s dive in!


(GK) Jan Oblak (Atletico Madrid): OVR 91


· Atletico Madrid’s latest La Liga title win would never have happened without the top-notch performances of Slovenian goalkeeper, Jan Oblak!


· Only at 28 years old, Oblak is now definitely within his prime so rivals should always be wary of his heroics while looking for a goal against him.


(GK) Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich): OVR 90


· The German sweeper specialist is still a force to be reckoned with between the posts, and Neuer is unchallenged as the No. 1 goalkeeping pick for both Germany and Bayern Munich till today!


(GK) Ter Stegen (Barcelona): OVR 90


· Barcelona’s dependable keeper, Ter Stegen is still considered a way’s off from Neuer’s level based on some loyal Bavarian fans’ claims.


· But if FUT 22 stats are anything to come off from, then it would seem that Ter Stegen is now finally at the same heights as his competing compatriot in both international and domestic scenes as well.


(GK) Gianluigi Donnarumma (Paris Saint-Germain): OVR 89


· An unbelievable talent at the age of 22, Donnarumma is considered to be this generation’s understudy and future Gianluigi Buffon!


· Already winning applauds from both fans and critics alike, the future seems bright (may even considered to be too bright!) for the phenomenal Italian goalkeeper.


(GK) Alisson (Liverpool): OVR 89


· Brazil’s own answer to the modern game’s Sweeper Keeper, Alisson is Liverpool’s immovable goalkeeper who excels in stopping both long-range piledrivers and close-range shots too!


· Sometimes, he can even be seen to play around with the ball, skipping past opposition challenges every now and then.


There are a number of other goalkeepers that rival all five (5) of these shot-stopping elites in the game, so make sure to check out other goalkeepers like Ederson (Manchester City) and Keylor Navas (Paris Saint-Germain) once the game is released soon.


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