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FUT 22: How to Get Twitch Prime Gaming Bundle

time 2021-12-27 00:00

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You might not have known that an Amazon Prime subscription gives you automatic access to Prime Gaming, thus qualifying you for the Twitch Prime Gaming Bundles. Thanks to this partnership with the two giants of the online world, FUT is giving players the chance to get free packs containing non-tradable cards. Thanks to our guide on how to get them, you can continue to build your team while saving money on the FUT Coins on sale that you have already purchased.


The rewards are released monthly throughout the season and are announced regularly via social media. Applying for your package is very simple: if you don't have an Amazon Prime or Twitch account yet, you can create both with a couple of clicks on the dedicated sites. If you already have them, simply link them to your FUT account and you're done! To complete the account link, go to Twitch and click on the icon in the top right corner to request the Twitch Prime Gaming package. Next, Upload FUT (you may need to close and reopen FUT if it is already open). Go to the "My Packs" section in the FUT 22 shop and your pack should already be there, ready to be opened!

The currently available package contains:

7 Rare Players Gold

2 player choice OVR 81

12 Rare Consumables

1 Ronaldo player loan (7 matches)

The FUT 22 player items available in the packages vary depending on when the reward package is opened.

Just like the coins that are available on the different platforms, Twitch Prime is also accessible on all platforms. But beware, players! The content will only be available on the first platform from which you log in via your linked your account. Therefore, in case you play on multiple different platforms, choose wisely before proceeding to apply for the free pack.


If, on the other hand, you are only subscribed to Amazon Prime via a free trial, be aware that once the trial period has expired, you will no longer be able to receive packages. Packs that you have accumulated prior to the expiration of your free trial will remain yours forever, subject to the FUT 22 rules or conditions that apply to the content.

If you have multiple Amazon Prime accounts, please note that the offer cannot be claimed multiple times, as it will only apply to one ea account and only on one platform.

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