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Overwatch News 08/14/2016

This article is about a few useful tips for beginners from Overwatch. Read the article for more information. Overwatch is now real hot! The Blizzard game has millions of players being draws. You already have a plan to...

WoW News 08/13/2016

The developer of World of Warcraft Blizzard has announced a few features of the game, which is very good news for WoW veterans. These features need sometimes to change. Maybe this is a good chance for World of Warcraft to make...

WoW News 07/16/2016

World of Warcraft pre-expansion patch will be announced on 20th July when the PVP season is finish. At the beginning, gnome hunters and class will be updated; on August 30th, Legion expansion will release and take in new a new...

WoW News 02/16/2016

For world of warcraft playing, which is really really an old game for players to play, and it has released for more than ten years. After releasing, it also also many expansions to coming, the burning crusade, cataclysm, mists...

WoW News 01/05/2016

For this series article, we will want to show you something the players wanted in the world of warcraft. In this article, we will introduce you the NO.8 things, which is the things the wow players wanted in the world of...

WoW News 12/24/2015

World of Warcraft is again displayed by many different types of people from all across the world. Some enjoy PvP, some enjoy PvE and others just enjoy role playing, the following article will introduce you  NO.10 things...

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