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Q:Will Pokemon Go Available On Windows Phone?


The answer of this question is yet for now. As we know, Pokemon Go fans of windows phone are looking forward to play this game, however this wish will not come true recently. First, John Hank, the CEO of Niantic, mentioned their game plan in which we did not see anything about Windows platform. Second, about rumours that windows phone users could access “Pokemon Go’s” unauthorized app, and download the current version of Pokemon Go, we got no confirmation from Niantic yet.

So we suggest you be patient and wait, at least wait till we got exact words from the game company. If you are interested to buy Pokemon Go account or Pokemon, welcome to u7buy.com. Account details of Pokemon Go will be sent to your email and for Pokemon, we will login your account and catch the Poekmon you bought for you. Welcome to enjoy the fastest and cheapest Pokemon Go service.

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