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Are You Excited for the DC Super Heroes Rocket League DLC?


Starting March 2018, Rocket League players will have more customization options available thanks to the DC Super Heroes DLC. The star of the DLC is Batman. He is unarguably one of the most popular DC superheroes but others that are also beloved characters are featured in this pack. Cars, decals, and player banners are included in the DLC. We say that Batman is the star of the show because the available cars are vehicles used in the Batman movies. There are two of them. One is the vintage model that was seen in Batman. This is the movie made in 1989, directed by Tim Burton and starring Michael Keaton as Batman. The '89 Batmobile vehicle was custom made for the movie and now, Rocket League players have the chance to drive it while playing their favorite game. Those who prefer a newer vehicle will be happy to know that the second car is the Tumbler used in the last movie of the The Dark Knight Trilogy. The Tumbler made an appearance in The Dark Knight Rises, directed by Christopher Nolan and featuring Christian Bale as Batman.  
At least 20 customization options from different categories will also be available. Wonder Woman and Flash themed wheels, boosts, decals, and audio are part of the DLC as well. Each item bears the customization of a well-known DC character. Here are all the characters featured in the DLC: Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, Superman, Wonder Woman, and, of course, Batman. There's a decal available for each superhero. Customized player banners are also included for each one of the above characters. A DC banner is available as well. Some of the Rocket League items in this DLC are also part of the Rocket League Warner Bros. Interactive Collector's Edition. These are the DC player banner and the Flash wheels and banner. The DLC costs $3.99 and the price varies depending on the region. As usual, the DLC can only be used if the base game is also owned. 

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